Manufacturing & Finishing of Italian Armchairs for Hotel Lobbies

Hotel lobbies make a strong first impression on guests with their inviting, comfortable, and artistic or creative spaces. Plush Italian armchairs placed around fireplaces or conversation areas can help achieve this goal.

With deep cushions, ornate woodwork, and luxurious fabrics, these Italian loose furnishings emanate old-world elegance and sophistication. Guests naturally gravitate toward them when waiting to check in, read the newspaper, or chat with companions.

Though expensive compared to the traditional ones, Italian armchairs boost the ambiance of any luxury hotel and add a unique touch of elegance.

How Italian Armchairs Are Manufactured for Hotel Lobbies?

Italian Armchairs for Hotel Lobbies

The production of a high-end Italian armchair suitable for daily hotel use combines both precise machinery and Italian joinery. The general steps include:

Frames Construction

The frames are made from hardwoods like oak or alder using joinery, lathes, saws, drills, and sanders to shape the arms, legs, and back.

Expert woodworkers use a variety of specialized tools and techniques to carefully construct each element of the chair frame from quality hardwood. The goal is to achieve precision components before assembly.

Upholstering the Chair Frame

The Upholstering is done by adhering to thick foam cushions. Once chair frames are complete, upholsterers use adhesive to attach custom-cut foam pieces to the frame according to exact product specifications for comfort.

Sewing Luxe Upholstery Fabrics

The sewing is done using industrial machines or human hands. Piping and skirting are added for ornamentation. Upholstery artisans operate heavy-duty sewing equipment to attach opulent fabrics like silk brocade or velvet to the cushioned chair. Decorative piping and skirting are sewn on for visual interest and design.

Distressing & Antiquing to Produce a Vintage Look

The antiquing is done manually by sanding edges or applying waxes to mimic wear. 

The finishing process involves expert crafters using hands-on techniques like controlled sanding or wax treatments to make chairs appear antiqued or gently worn in for an appealing vintage aesthetic.

Polishing & Protective Sealing

Before the final chair inspection, wood finishing experts polish frame surfaces and then apply protective sealants or lacquers to shield the carved wood components from normal wear over time after shipment.

Final Inspections Before Shipping

Each finished chair undergoes methodical multi-point assessments against product benchmarks before approval for shipment from the manufacturing facilities.

Materials Needed for Italian Armchairs

Producing the Italian armchairs may require special materials. Together, these materials hold up for decades with regular maintenance. Such materials include:

  • Hardwoods like oak, walnut, cherry, and alder for ornately carved frames
  • Pirelli elastic webbing to provide the underlying flexible structure
  • High-density foam and Dacron for cushioning up to 5 inches thick
  • Elegant fabrics like silk, velvet, linen blends and eco-leathers
  • Paints, stains, waxes, and varnishes for ornamentation and protection
  • Reinforcement features like corner blocks or joining brackets

The Design of Italian Armchairs for Hotel Lobbies

Italian Armchairs for Hotels

The range of styles of Italian armchairs harmonizes with classic to contemporary lobbies. The chairs appear substantial yet remain approachable to guests.

Ornately Carved Frames with Vintage Distressing

This design type features intricate patterns and details on the wooden frames of the armchairs, such as floral motifs, scrolls, or geometric shapes.

The frames are also treated with a special technique to create a worn-out or aged look, which adds to the charm and elegance of the armchairs.

Rolled, Curved or Scrolled Arm Shapes

This design type features armrests that are either rolled, curved, or scrolled at the ends, creating a graceful and inviting appearance.

The arm shapes also provide extra comfort and support for the people, especially in luxurious villas.

Deep, Wide Seats with Exceptional Cushioning

This design type features seats that are deep and wide enough to accommodate different body sizes and postures, as well as to allow for movement and flexibility.

The seats are also filled with high-quality materials, such as feathers, foam, or springs, to provide exceptional cushioning and softness.

Shorter Rear Legs for Tilting Backwards Naturally

This design type features legs that are shorter at the back than at the front, creating a slight angle for the seat and the backrest.

It allows the users to tilt backwards naturally and comfortably, without feeling unstable or falling off.

Removable Seat Cushions for Cleaning & Rotations

This design type features seat cushions that can be easily removed from the armchairs, either by unzipping, unbuttoning, or unlatching them.

It allows the users to clean the cushions more conveniently, as well as to rotate them for even wear and tear.

Designs with Colors Like Walnut or Deep Espresso

This design type features stain colors that are dark and rich, such as walnut or deep espresso, for the wooden frames of the armchairs.

These colors create a contrast with the lighter fabrics of the cushions and the backrests, as well as a sense of warmth and sophistication.

Coordinating Fabrics Aligned with Interior Motifs

This design type features fabrics that are chosen to coordinate with the interior motifs of the hotels, such as the colors, patterns, or themes.

The fabrics can be either plain or printed and can be made of different materials, such as cotton, leather, or velvet. The fabrics also enhance the comfort and style of the armchairs, especially those placed in bedrooms

Cost of Italian Armchairs for Hotel Lobbies

Given their largely handmade nature and high-grade materials, Italian armchairs carry substantial price tags, in the range of:

  • 200 - 2,000 US dollars per chair for standard models
  • 800 - 1,500 US dollars per chair for office-grade alternatives
  • 1,000 to 3,000 US dollars for custom monogrammed or embellished chairs

Over years of continual guest use, owners recoup value via enhanced ambiance. Investing in quality translates into beautiful long-term assets. The aforementioned costs account for:

  • High-skilled Italian artisanal labor
  • Premium woods, foam, springs, and fabrics.
  • Workshop overhead like equipment and shipping.
  • Brand prestige for Made-in-Italy appeal.
  • Showroom displays and international marketing.

Alternatives to Italian Armchairs for Hotel Lobbies

Italian Armchairs for Lobbies

Hotel owners with limited budgets can explore more affordable chair options:

  • Domestically produced chairs mimicking Italian designs.
  • Furniture from China, Indonesia, or Poland trading craftsmanship for cost savings
  • Office waiting room styles that lack ornate details.
  • Faux leather rather than genuine hides.
  • Using the same uniform chairs as in guest rooms.

However, importing Italian chairs, despite higher upfront expenses, typically outweighs maintenance or replacements of inferior quality over time. Guests notice and appreciate these special touches that enhance their hotel stay.

Final Thought

Hand-carved Italian armchairs with lush, upholstered cushions make meaningful additions to luxury hotel lobbies, and that explains the high demand for these pieces.

Their elegance impresses guests while their durability withstands heavy daily use. As centerpiece furnishings, owners gladly invest in their long-lasting style and comfort.

PARTENZA produces different types of Italian joinery furniture for hotels, restaurants, and offices, and that includes sofas, armchairs, and other types. You can contact us directly to explore your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Quality Italian Armchairs Last in Hotel Lobbies?

With proper care including regular fabric treatments, seat cushion rotations, and wood polishing, they will last 15-25 years in most commercial settings.

Do Hotels Need to Special Order Italian Armchairs or Buy Factory Models?

Interior designers can customize frames, fabrics, and finishes on Italian armchairs to precisely match a hotel’s decor theme and color palette if desired. More budget-conscious owners select ready-made in-stock chairs that still carry bespoke charm.

What Maintenance Is Required?

Upholstery should get spot cleaned daily using mild carpet foam shampoo. Fabrics also periodically get dry-cleaned. Wood frames need polishing every few years. Removable cushions rotate to equalize wear.

Are Italian Armchairs Too Ornate for a Contemporary Hotel Lobby?

Skilled Italian artisans adapt their carved detailing to suit varied tastes from Rococo vintage to streamlined modern looks using the same woods and fabrics. Owners need only specify a style preference.

Do Guests Actually Notice the Chairs?

Observant guests appreciate the atmosphere created by elegant chairs clustered around welcoming fires or coffee tables. They implicitly understand the costs associated with quality furnishings and feel pampered by sitting in them.

Do Armchairs Take Up Too Much Lobby Space?

Clever arrangements with Italian chairs tucked into conversation nooks and corners keep pathways open while promoting seating opportunities. Their substantial size and upholstered presence fill open voids, adding warmth.



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