Joinery Companies in UAE: Who to Choose in 2024?

The joinery works in the United Arab Emirates have witnessed major growth in recent years as more projects come to light, especially in the luxury industry.

There is no doubt that the country continues to expand its infrastructure and real estate sectors, which increases the demand for high-quality joinery services.

Clearly, choosing the right joinery company in the UAE for your project is crucial, but with so many options available, how do you decide? We’ll try to help you.

UAE's Joinery Industry

Joinery Companies in UAE

The UAE's joinery industry covers a wide range of services, from bespoke furniture and fixtures to stairs, doors, windows, kitchens, armchairs, and shop fittings.

As the Gulf region's construction is booming rapidly, joinery companies become more in high demand for both residential and commercial projects.

However, not all joinery firms in the UAE offer the same level of quality and professionalism. You need an experienced company that can deliver stunning designs while meeting deadlines and budgets.

Factors like craftsmanship, materials, experience, and reputation should be carefully evaluated when selecting a joinery firm in the UAE, especially in Dubai

The company you choose will be responsible for important elements that define the aesthetics and functionality of your property or development. It's essential to do thorough research to find the perfect partner for your joinery needs.

Best Joinery Companies in UAE

Several leading joinery companies have managed to distinguish themselves in the UAE's competitive market:


In operation for over 30 years, they are one of the most reputable custom furniture manufacturing companies in the region. Their main factories are located in Dubai and Turkey, and they deploy flagship machines to produce unique products.

Many hotels, restaurants, and luxurious projects often contact PARTENZA to produce custom stable and movable (loose) furniture, including chairs, doors, wood partitions, cabinets, and other products. They use quality solid wood and veneers to create contemporary and classic interiors.

My Décor

This company firm offers high-end joinery fit-outs for residential and commercial projects since 2006. They create luxurious interiors with custom furniture and help provide stairs, doors, wardrobes, kitchens, and more.

ARKI Group

ARKI has been crafting wooden furniture since 1996 using different wood materials. Headquartered in Dubai with additional offices in Abu Dhabi and Manila, ARKI Design boasts a multinational team of creative designers and architects. This cultural diversity infuses ARKI's projects with rich vibrancy.

USBC Interiors

As a very popular Dubai joinery and carpentry company, USBC Interiors delivers robust craftsmanship and custom solutions. They work closely with many clients to bring unique designs to life through joinery works. Known for both custom furniture and total fit-out capabilities, USBC Interiors provides clients with great designs and complete, high-quality results.

Services of Joinery Companies in UAE

Reputable joinery companies in the UAE offer end-to-end services including:

Design & Planning

Many provide 3D modeling, photorealistic imagery, and detailed drawings using CAD and other software. This allows clients to visualize the outcome and make tweaks where needed. Custom designs can be made for unique spaces like curved walls, high ceilings, and awkward angles.

Material Consultation

This includes guidance on selecting suitable woods like teak, oak, or maple based on the desired look and finish. Or choosing between real wood versus veneers based on cost considerations.

Also, they may offer advice on finishes, from simple varnishes to intricate hand-painted designs and glass selection (clear, tinted or frosted glass).

Bespoke Joinery

This includes crafting tailored wooden furniture, like a desk matched to niche dimensions or a bar countertop following a curved floor plan. They may also perform custom cabinetry designed to utilize every inch of storage space.

Shopfitting & Office Fit Outs

This includes modular cabinetry for display counters and back-office storage and custom shelving and wall paneling made of high-grade wood.


This includes cabinetry with storage solutions designed for easy access and maximum space usage or integrated sink areas and hidden drainage.

Moreover, they may manufacture custom built-in appliances and hardware like racks, pull-outs, and slidable doors.

Windows & Doors

Supply and installation of high-performance wooden, aluminum, and glass options customized to the structure. Curved doors are made from bending and laminating wood. Arched windows and bay windows to amplify light and views. Stained glass inserts and carvings for enhanced aesthetics.

Cost of Joinery Companies in UAE

Joinery in UAE

Hiring a joinery company in the UAE costs cash. The costs may cover:

  • Design fees: Typically, this constitutes  5-10% of total project cost. More for highly customized designs.
  • Labor costs: Approximately, they may charge 800-1200 AED per sqm, depending on materials and craftsmanship levels.
  • Materials: This varies significantly. Solid woods like teak, maple, and mahogany are premium-priced. Engineered wood and veneers are more economical.
  • Hardware: This refers to door handles, hinges, locks, etc. They may add 15-20% to the total labor and materials cost.
  • Shopfitting: This may cost between 1000-1500 AED per sqm for standard fit-outs. Luxury retail projects are upwards of 2000 AED per sqm.
  • Travel and transport – Extra fees may apply for areas outside the main cities. Material transport is also occasionally additional.

Tips when choosing Joinery Companies in UAE

When choosing a joinery company or loose furniture supplier in the UAE or another Gulf country, try to remember the following:

  • Review their portfolio thoroughly to assess quality and designs.
  • Ask about lead times and the ability to work within project timelines.
  • Look for custom capabilities beyond standard offerings.
  • Check the qualifications and experience of designers and carpenters.
  • Ask about warranties and after-project support.
  • Review past client testimonials and ratings.
  • Compare pricing transparently - cheaper doesn't mean better value.
  • Meet the team in person and inspect the workshop before deciding.
  • Look for stellar customer service and communication ethics.
  • Consider sustainability and energy efficiency where possible.

Final Thought

The booming joinery sector in the UAE has many players competing for projects, but identifying the right partner can be narrowed down by evaluating crucial aspects like craftsmanship, experience, service quality, and design flexibility.

Invest time to scrutinize and compare options before selecting the perfect joinery company that aligns with your vision, budget, and needs for 2024 onwards.

With the Middle East region expanding rapidly, a joinery firm’s capacity to combine quality and timely execution will be highly valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Most Popular Materials for Joinery in the UAE?

The most common woods used are teak, oak, mahogany, maple, and cherry. Pine and fir woods are economical options. Glass, aluminum, and engineered wood veneers are also widely used.

Should I Choose Established or New Joinery Companies in the UAE?

Balance is ideal. Seasoned companies have proof of quality and experience, but newer firms may offer innovative designs and techniques.

What Questions Should I Ask a Joinery Company Before Hiring Them?

Ask about their experience, specialties, design process, site visitation, expected timelines, warranties, project management, and after-sales support.

What Are Design Fees Charged by Joinery Companies in UAE?

Design fees are typically 5-15% of total project cost. More complex and luxurious projects with high customization can be charged upwards of 15%.

How Can I Ensure Good Quality from a Joinery Firm in UAE?

Review previous work, meet carpenters and designers, inspect their workshop, ask for qualified references, review ratings and testimonials, and validate qualifications.

Should I Get Multiple Quotes When Choosing A Joinery Company?

Yes, get at least 2-3 quotations to compare pricing. But also evaluate quality, service, and reliability beyond just the quote price.

What Questions Should I Ask When Getting a Quotation?

Ask about material grades, hardware brands, labor charges per day or shift, site visits, measurement costs, after-sales service fees, taxes, and payment terms.

What Are the Typical Timelines for Joinery Projects in the UAE?

Most residential projects take 4-6 weeks from design to installation. Commercial projects usually need 8-12 weeks depending on scale and complexity.

What Are the Payment Terms When Working with Joinery Firms?

Typically, 30% advance, 60% upon delivery, 10% after installation and inspection. But this can be negotiated case-by-case.



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