Loose Furniture Supplier in UAE: How & Where to Look in 2024?

Furnishing a new hotel, home, or office in the UAE can be an exciting activity, but it may not always lead to satisfying results for owners.

With the wide variety of furniture options available, it's important to find reliable joinery companies in UAE that provide quality loose furniture at reasonable prices in the country.

In recent years, more furniture buyers in the UAE have been looking for loose furniture suppliers to create customized spaces with mix-and-match pieces.

However, navigating the crowded furniture supplier market in the UAE takes time and effort. After all, not all suppliers are created equal when it comes to selection, quality, and service.

Here we’ll provide you with an in-depth look at how and where to find the best loose furniture suppliers in the UAE this year.

How to Find Loose Furniture Supplier In UAE?

Loose Furniture Supplier in UAE

Searching for the right loose furniture supplier in the UAE can be done easily by following these methods:

Online Directories

Search online directories and marketplaces like Dubizzle and Property Finder for loose furniture suppliers in the UAE. This allows you to quickly find options and compare based on reviews, prices, and styles.

Furniture Stores

Check large furniture stores like IKEA, Home Centre, Danube Home, Sharaf DG, etc. Many of these stores carry loose furniture collections along with full sets. Ask about customizing color and fabric options too.

Social Media

Search Instagram and Facebook for UAE-based small businesses and designers selling loose furniture pieces. This is a great way to find unique, high-quality custom pieces.

Friends & Relatives

Ask friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues for referrals to loose furniture suppliers they have used and would recommend.

Used Furniture Shops

Search for used and vintage loose furniture sellers online or at used furniture shops to find one-of-a-kind pieces.

Where to Find Loose Furniture Supplier In UAE?

The top places to find a wide variety of loose furniture suppliers in the UAE include:

  • Furniture shops and malls in downtown Dubai areas like Al Karama and Bur Dubai, which carry many styles of loose furniture.
  • Furniture stores in malls like Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai Mall, Mercato Mall, etc. that sell individual sofas, beds, and dining sets.
  • Exhibition centers like Dubai World Trade Centre which frequently hold furniture exhibitions connecting buyers with suppliers.
  • Specialty shops for particular styles like Arabic majlis sofas or Oriental furniture pieces.
  • Custom loose furniture makers found through recommendations, trade directories, and by visiting manufacturer warehouses.
  • Online shops of UAE-based furniture makers that allow complete customization of loose pieces.

Best Loose Furniture Suppliers in UAE

Loose Furniture in UAE

Some of the top loose furniture suppliers known for quality, selection, and service in the UAE include:

  • PARTENZA: This is the go-to option for hotels, restaurants, and homeowners who are looking for customized luxurious but affordable loose furniture in UAE.
  • Royse Furniture: These are known for their High-end, modern, and customized loose furniture. They supply, deliver, and install furniture for living, dining, bedroom, and more.
  • Al-Najah Furnishing: This is a well-known Local UAE supplier selling customizable furniture, beds, dining sets, and more.
  • Immagina: This is a modern, urban loose furniture supplier focused on traditional touches. They are known for their creative renovation solutions.

Cost of Loose Furniture Suppliers in UAE

Loose furniture costs in the UAE can vary greatly depending on:

Type of Loose Furniture

The type of loose furniture is a major cost factor. Larger seating pieces like sofas, sectionals, and chairs have more materials, labor, and shipping costs involved, so they are typically the most expensive loose furniture category.

A high-end customized leather sectional can cost over 15,000 AED while basic armchairs may start under 1,000 AED. In contrast, loose bedroom furniture like wardrobes, dressers, and nightstands require less material and craftsmanship, so they are cheaper with basic pieces starting under 500 AED.

Dining sets are mid-range, with a table and four chairs ranging from 1,500 AED for minimal styles up to 10,000 AED  for upscale exotic wood sets with intricate carving detailing.

Brand Name & Reputation

The brand name and reputation also heavily impact loose furniture pricing. International luxury brands like PARTENZA, Natuzzi, Minotti, and Baxter charge a premium for their designer creations, with a basic sofa easily exceeding 10,000 AED.

High-end bespoke furnishing companies crafting custom pieces can charge double or triple the cost of mass-market loose furniture. In contrast, major affordable retailers like IKEA and Home Centre sell decent quality basics for a fraction of designer prices.

Their modular components with mix-and-match options are quite budget-friendly. For example, an IKEA Kivik sofa starts at 1,700 AED while a customized Natuzzi leather sofa will be well over 20,000 AED.


Seeking customization also adds cost for material upgrades and labor. Unique leather types, premium wood finishes, or performance fabrics that are stain/water/fire resistant are price options. Embellishments like nail heads, tufting, or carving raise the effort required.

And bespoke pieces built from scratch to exact specifications take more time and skill, hence the higher price tag. The same basic sofa frame could range from 2,000 AED up to 15,000 AED depending on custom fabrication.

Material Quality

The quality of materials and construction impact cost as well. Solid hardwood frames have a higher raw material cost than engineered wood or particle board.

Handcrafted production takes more expertise than quick machine building. And down-filled cushions are price than polypill. Pieces made to last with quality components will fetch higher prices from suppliers than disposable fast furniture.

For example, a solid teak wood dining table and chair set can cost over 10,000 AED while a particle board veneer set may be under 2,000 AED.

Purchasing Time

Where you purchase also affects pricing. Small boutiques and custom workshops generally charge more than big-box retailers due to lower volumes and higher rental costs.

Large retailers can buy materials in bulk and optimize production to lower pricing. Online direct-to-consumer companies also offer more competitive pricing by reducing excessive markups and middlemen.

Purchasing directly from manufacturers versus showrooms removes multiple layers of margins. Local furniture malls with many shops can offer better deals through comparison and negotiation opportunities versus standalone stores.

Furniture Origin

The origin of the furniture influences cost considerations for import duties and transportation expenses factored into the end sales price.

Pieces shipping from Eastern Asia tend to be most affordable, while European, North American, and custom local UAE-made options have higher costs associated with import or labor.

On average, loose sofa sets can range from 2,000 AED to 20,000 AED based on the above factors. Bedroom furniture may cost 500-5,000 AED per piece, while dining sets run from 1,500 AED -10,000 AED. Shop around and compare quotes before choosing suppliers.

Final Thought

Furnishing with modern loose furniture is a smart, customizable option for UAE homes and offices in 2024.

While the market has many suppliers to evaluate, focusing your search online and in key furniture retail areas, getting referrals, and comparing quality against prices will help identify the best options for your needs and budget.

Be sure to explore local specialty shops as well as the selections from both global and UAE-based brands.

Order samples if possible and don't be afraid to negotiate to get the ideal loose furniture pieces to create your personalized decor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Buying Loose Furniture?

Buying loose or standalone furniture pieces allows you to mix and match styles and create custom spaces. It also allows replacing just worn-out items vs whole matched sets.

Should I Buy Furniture Online or in Stores?

If buying without testing, reputable online sellers can be good options in the UAE. But, trying out furniture in person is best to evaluate comfort and quality.

How Can I Ensure Quality When Buying Loose Furniture?

Examine materials, construction, and manufacturing details closely. Ask about warranties, returns, and damage policies before purchasing.

What Are Common Types of Loose Furniture?

Common loose furniture includes sofas, chairs, beds, wardrobes, dining sets, coffee/side tables, TV units, dressers, desks, and bookshelves.

Should I Hire a Designer When Furnishing with Loose Pieces?

Interior designers can provide valuable help sourcing and combining loose pieces. But you can also create great spaces yourself with planning.

Can I Get Free Delivery When Buying Loose Furniture in the UAE?

Many shops offer free UAE delivery above minimum costs. Otherwise, delivery fees generally start from 50-100 AED depending on location.



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